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Gathering information designed its website so that its users can visit it without having to reveal their identity unless they wish to. Visitors to our website are asked to provide us with their personal data only if they want to access specific electronic material. At any time, any registered user can request the complete deletion of their data. Users' personal data are not transferred to third parties.


Our website uses cookies, in accordance with common internet practices, to help you access and browse the internet. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the central server of the website on the hard drive of the user's computer or other electronic device. Cookies are unique for each web browser and contain anonymous information regarding the sites visited by the user.They are used for many reasons such as obtaining information about the user's session id, the programming language your browser uses to 'read' the website as well as your password, always encrypted, only if you choose to save this password as members. In general, cookies perform many functions, such as facilitating your browsing from one website to another, saving your preferences and generally improving the experience of browsing the website. Each user of the website has the possibility to adjust his web browser in terms of cookies and their acceptance. You can choose, depending on the browser, between automatically accepting all cookies (usually this is set as a default), warning that cookies are being used in certain cases, and generally not allowing the use of cookies. If you choose not to allow the automatic use of cookies, there is a possibility that you will not be able to have full access to the services of as well as the other websites you visit.

Correcting, Amending or Deleting Information allows its users to correct, change, complete or delete data and information registered on If you choose to delete a piece of information, will act to delete that piece of information from its files immediately. For the protection and safety of the user, will try to make sure that the person making the changes is indeed the same person as the user.To access, change or delete your personal data, to report problems regarding the operation of the website or to ask any question contact Changing or correcting your personal data can also be done via the registration page. Please note that we will do our best to protect your personal data, but protecting your password on our website is also up to you.


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Third-party intellectual property works listed on have been posted in good faith and for informational purposes. It is understandable that they will be removed if requested by the beneficiaries

License to Use

Any use, reproduction, republishing, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, loading (download), translation, modification in any way, partially or in summary, of the content of the website and the services offered to is expressly prohibited. this, without his prior permission.

Exceptionally, it is permitted to individually store and copy parts of the content on a simple personal computer for strictly personal use, without the intention of commercial or other exploitation and always under the condition of mentioning the source of its origin, without this implying in any way the granting of rights intellectual property. It is therefore prohibited to sell, copy, modify, reproduce, republish or "upload", transmit or distribute in any way, in whole or in part.

The other products or services mentioned on the online pages of the hub and bearing the marks of the respective organizations, companies, partner bodies, associations or publications, are their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore these bodies bear the relevant responsibility.

Internet Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability makes every effort to ensure that all content and information displayed on the website is characterized by accuracy, clarity, correctness, completeness, timeliness and availability.

But in no case do we guarantee and consequently we are not responsible (not even for negligence) for any damage that may be caused to the visitor / user, from the use of the website. Content and services are provided "as is", without any warranty express or implied, expressed or implied, subject to the warranties of satisfactory quality, suitability, inviolable compatibility, security and accuracy, all of which we expressly disclaim. We are also not responsible for the restoration of any damage (positive or negative, which may indicatively consist of loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) from users/visitors of our website or third parties, due to a cause related to the operation or non-operation, the use of the website, any failure to provide services / information available from it or from any unauthorized interventions by third parties in products / services / information available through it. We make every effort for the good operation of the Network, but in no case do we guarantee that the operations of the website or the servers will be uninterrupted or without any kind of error, free from viruses and similar elements, whether it is the Website, or for any other site or server through which its content is transmitted.

Blocking Prompts - Tips

No part of the content provided to the users / visitors of the website constitutes and cannot be considered under any circumstances, directly or indirectly, a solicitation, instruction, advice or prompt for any act or omission, on the contrary it is up to the discretion of the users / visitors after personal assessment to act based on their own will, excluding any liability from us.

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As is understandable, we do not control the availability, the content, the personal data protection policy, the quality and completeness of the services of other websites and pages to which we may refer through "links" (hyperlinks) or advertising banners (hereinafter referred to for the sake of brevity as "links"). The links have been placed exclusively for the convenience of visitors/users of the website, while the websites to which they refer are subject to the respective terms of use of these websites. The placement of the links does not constitute an indication of approval or acceptance of the content of the respective websites and we bear no responsibility for their content and any damage resulting from their use, as the visitor has access to them at his own risk.

Transitional provisions

We reserve the right to modify the content or services of the website, as well as the terms of use, whenever deemed necessary and without prior warning, by simply announcing them through the website. These terms are governed and interpreted by Greek law, and the courts of Agrinio are responsible for resolving any dispute.