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Why choose KALLIO

Why choose Kallio?

Kallio Elixir Cosmetics is a natural dermo-cosmetic series. The composition is based on specific natural ingredients that are collected by producers around the world with proven efficacy and safety for long-term use.

Knowing our target audience needs well, we have taken seriously into consideration the features that our customers are looking for in a product:

Products are specifically designed for sensitive skin due to their hypoallergenic composition.

Products also contain high tech biotechnological ingredients of natural origin and evidence based effect, that make them able to meet the most special needs of the skin.

The ingredients try to imitate the natural functioning mechanism of the body's cells (biomimetics).

The design of these products is based on achieving the most pleasant cosmetic texture in everyday use.

With respect to the environment, we use natural extracts and recyclable packaging materials with a view to sustainable development and minimum carbon footprint.

Kallio was developed by a pharmacist based on the relationship between consumer, pharmacist and dermatologist for skin health care.