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Covid 19 Actions

KALLIO's Covid-19 Shield policy expresses the management's belief in the protection and safety of customers, employees and all direct and indirect persons who come into contact with them during an outbreak of the new Corona Covid-19.

Taking into account the current developments regarding the pandemic, the recommendations and mandates of domestic and international authorities, the company has developed and implements the Covid-19 Shield Policy. Our primary goal is to protect and preserve the health of our customers and employees.Our action plan includes substantial preventive protection measures, introduction of specially designed procedures and ensuring the company's readiness to manage possible cases of illness with Covid-19 in an organized, immediate and effective manner. With the covid-19 shield policy that we have developed, KALLIO establishes the intention to protect the health of customers and partners and to ensure its business continuity.

The policy consists of an Action Plan which includes the measures the company has taken to protect the health of its customers and partners and to ensure its uninterrupted operation in the midst of the pandemic. The main pillars of the Action Plan are expressed below:

  • Identification of all possible sources of virus entry and mapping of high-risk areas.
  • Definition of measurable safety indicators/goals which are upgraded and adjusted according to current developments.
  • Taking preventive safety measures that are continuously followed by employees throughout their work. Specificity of measures based on role.
  • Development of special plans/plans for the immediate and effective response to possible cases of infection with Covid-19.
  • Appointment of a special Group that monitors developments and adjusts prevention measures accordingly.
  • Development of communication material and education about the new virus.
  • Taking measures to ensure the business continuity of the company.

The Covid-19 Shield Policy is dynamic, regularly reviewed and revised as necessary in light of current developments.